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It's almost that time to hit the water in search of "The Big One"

2009 looks promising for anglers so, gear-up and get ready to fish. Last year fishing in Maryland had its ups and downs with mixed weather, some of the best spots were dry. We fished Point Look-out over 10 times last year and barely scratched the surface. Most anglers faced this same hurdle as we did and in the end the fishing wasn't as bad. Croakers were plentiful but small. Even White Perch slowed. This year fishing should improve and we look forward to meeting you on the pier. Maryland Fishing has a secret and we're gonna share with you. But, You'll have to wait until July 4,2009. So to all great surf and Pier fishermen alike, Let's enjoy this year of great fishing and share the love and the fish with all. Happy Fishing!

The Rockfish are coming!

Whoopee, Striped Bass are headed this way really soon. Are YOU ready? Do you love the fight of the beloved Striped Bass? Can YOU handle a Striped Bass? well my answer is Yes, Yes and Yes. Maryland, the great spawning point for Stripers and the best place to be in April. Fishermen travel far and wide to experience the thrill of catching gigantic Bass.  Make sure you're equipped for Rockfishing. Sure the boaters have the advantage but, there's plenty of huge fish for us pier and surf anglers, just look to your left.That says it all.

It's still a little early. You can fish here in the meantime.

Famous Fishing Quotes

"Just as in cooking there's no such thing as a little garlic, in fishing there's no such thing as a little drag."  H.G. Tapply The Sportsman's Notebook

Get The Kids Involved!

The Great Bait-Shrimp.

Shrimp is a very solid bait choice for croakers and others. Live or frozen, shrimp will spice up any fishing trip. Shrimp are available year around and is inexpensive. Try combining a piece of shrimp and a piece of squid(strip) on your line for one heck of a bait.

Croakers rule the water

Nothings like catching Croakers. It's a terrific fish and a pleasure to catch and eat.

Check out the vids below.

Maryland Pier Fishing will be shooting live every week.Please check back frequently for location.MPF would love to get exciting footage of YOU to add to our site. So, lets get ready to fish.

Great fishing info here. Read on fishermen, read on.

Pier FishingFrom Ron Brooks,
Your Guide to Saltwater Fishing.
FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Those Shorebound Anglers Who have Chosen a Different Type of Fishing.Most saltwater fishermen and women don't own a boat. That's a simple fact that would seem to limit their ability to fish. Most of the slick fishing magazines feature articles that necessarily involve fishing from a boat, and not just any boat mind you, but one that has all the bells and whistles. Some fishermen feel relegated to only reading about great fishing adventures, for in their world, a boat is financially out of reach. Who Pier Fishes? But there are those shore bound souls who have chosen another lot in life. They choose not to be left out of the fishing scene, and as such they have developed a style and following all their own. These are the pier fishermen and women. Some are affectionately referred to as "Pier Rats." They came in all sizes, all ages, and both sexes.

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What's It Like? And what about the fish these folks catch? You won't find a lot of catch and release out here. They want dinner, not pictures for the wall. They spend their time fishing, socializing with the regulars, and helping out anyone near them that appears to need help. The amateurs are easy to spot, and after having fun watching them for a few minutes, the regulars are more than willing to help out.

Bottom Line These are indeed a very special breed of fisherperson, these pier dwellers. They garner a big salute from me for having more patience, more stamina, and more inventiveness than most any other fishing group I can think of. Great going Pier Rats! Keep those line tight!

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